We would like to assure the fastest service for our clients,

providing an instant NYS Registration services during our hours of operation including Saturdays.

You can renew, change or replace your registration and more right in our office instantly.

For your convenience you can find all the forms and instructions you need

regarding registration in the State of New York.

Please Note; for all DMV transactions (except plates surrenders) you will need to bring your original ID;

Personal or Business and Insurance Card (if required).

For NYS ID, Learner Permit, Driver License and all related,

 please visit DMV Main Office near your location.

  • Transaction Type                                  Form Required

  • •New Plate / Transfer Plates                 MV-82 & DTF-802

  • •Renew Registration                              MV-82

  • •Duplicate Registration                         MV-82

  • •Commercial Plates                               MV-82 & DTF-802

  • •In Transit Permit                                    MV-82ITP & Insurance Binder

  • •Replacement Plates                             MV-82 & MV-78b

  • (Lost/Stolen)                                           (provided by the Police)

  • •Surrender Plates Requires both plates or        MV-78b

  • •Duplicate Title                                       MV-902 


Per Commissioner's Regulations Part 77.7 Advertising

"This transaction or service is also available, at no charge, directly from the official department of motor vehicles website at"